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Brad Danzak

Brad Danzak VP of OperationsVP of Operations

Brad grew up in Michigan and was heavily influenced by his father who worked for Ford Motor Company for 33 years. He fell in love with mechanics, engineering and automobilia. Life brought Brad to Missouri where he began to study business and eventually started a career within the hospitality industry. He discovered that you must be prepared to take on an opportunity when it presents itself and this willingness granted him the opportunity to master different spectrums of the business from catering to operations to management. It was during this time that he worked for Rolling Oaks eventual founder, Lonnie Funk.

Brad excels working with financials and technology but most enjoys engaging with others and discovering how he can make their lives better. He is most satisfied spending time with wife and children. Being a father has taught him patience and to relish the excitement of trying new and different things. His dream is to one day build a 1966 Shelby Cobra kit car with a Corvette engine with his son.

Brad has served as the Chairman of the Springfield Convention & Visitors Board, a committee member for the Springfield Hotel/Motel Association, a member of the Tax Reallocation Board in Springfield, a member of the Springfield Apartment Association, and a board member of the Springfield Hotel Lodging Association. Brad would like others to see him as being compassionate, loyal and having great integrity.